Product Highlight: Alkota Sandblasting

Alkota's Industrial Wet Sand Blast Kit provides maximum cleaning power with dustless sandblasting capability.

The Sandblast kits use a venturi to draw sand through a suction hose where it is injected into the high-pressure stream at the Nozzle Head & then applied with high pressure and volume against the surface with a pressure washer. Sandblast kits are impressive at cleaning the job at hand.  They do a great job of prepping the surface you are going to paint.  The key to successful sandblasting is to keep your sand dry and have the proper machine to clean with.  If you don’t have high enough pressure and volume, it will cut down on the effectiveness of the sandblaster itself.  

Note the Alkota Sandblast kits do not come with a 0° spray nozzle. Be sure to either purchase along with your Sandblast kit, or use the correct sized nozzle for your machine as this will greatly impact the performance of the Industrial Sandblast kit.

Specs Requirements for Use:

  • Range Requires 4 to 8 GPM Pressure Washer
  • Requires 3,000 to 5,000 PSI Pressure Washer
  • Must be 0° Threaded ¼” nozzle Sized to specs of your machine (Not Included w/Sandblaster Kit)
  • Must use the right-sized nozzle!
  • Make sure your blast media is dry
  • Keep your supplied feed hose interior walls dry (Moisture internally will cause media clumping)
  • Place the sand probe to the top of the blast head so the sand drops into the sand chamber with the help of gravity.
  • At end of the sandblasting process you can apply a rust stop/metal prep chemical on the surface you are preparing to help prevent flash rusting.  

What Our Kit Includes:

  • Mixing Head
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
  • 25 ft. Poly Braided Hose
  • Metal Vented Probe & Hose Clamps
  • **Please Note: (Kit Does Not Include ¼” Nozzle –Must Be Sized to Your Pressure Washer!)


BONUS: Help Prevent Flash Rusting:


Iron phostight is used in cleaning parts and phosphatizing them before they are painted. Iron phostight works well for metal pre-treatment in paint and powder coat shops, ag equipment manufacturing, and industrial equipment manufacturing systems. Iron phostight may be used via a wand or in-line wash applications. It works to assure paint adhesion as well as corrosion resistance.


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